ComfortGuard Monitoring Service and Your HVAC Contractor: A Cost Savings Team

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Team-MainEfficiency and Precision – these are the things you expect from your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. But, if you are not an expert, you may not know how to get this level of production from your equipment. Fortunately, there is a way. ComfortGuard Monitoring Service provides you with the information you need to keep your HVAC equipment running well for you and your family. The service makes interacting with your local HVAC contractor more effective, by giving insight into your home’s energy consumption and potential HVAC service needs.


What Communications Do Customers Receive?

After an authorized service professional installs your ComfortGuard kit, you are set to receive a number of alerts concerning your HVAC equipment. You will be instructed at scheduled times to check your air filters, to see if they are dirty and need cleaning or replacement. The service lets you know if your air conditioning unit needs a coolant recharge. But, ComfortGuard monitoring also identifies efficiency concerns. You will be notified if the data shows that your equipment has longer run times than necessary, or if your machinery is not functioning as efficiently as it should be.

This information is available in real-time through the ComfortGuard mobile application, available through Android and iOS. In the app, you can see current run times, energy usage and productivity in amps, and the current output temperature. Output temperature changes throughout the cooling or heating process. But, an output temperature that does not provide a difference of around 20°F from the input temperature indicates a potential need for HVAC service.


How Do Alerts Help the HVAC Contractor and
Customer Resolve Problems?

Team-SecondaryJust as you receive alerts about the productivity of your HVAC equipment, your designated ComfortGuard PRO gets information about your home’s heating and cooling, as well. If something has gone wrong, your HVAC contractor has all the data at a glance, through the ComfortGuard PRO Portal. Through the portal, authorized service professionals see problem alerts, which allows them to contact you for service possibly before you realize something is wrong.

HVAC contractors can use your equipment’s performance data to see the history and help identify the source of the trouble. Authorized service professionals also see a list of parts that may be impacted. This information helps the HVAC contractor to minimize guesswork, reduce wasted time and save you money. Finally, ComfortGuard Monitoring Service acts as a service or repair confirmation, for your records and to show to other authorized service professionals as additional context for your equipment’s maintenance and repair needs in the future.

Your home’s comfort and safety is paramount. And, making it easier for you to ensure that your HVAC equipment operates in top condition is also important. With ComfortGuard Monitoring Service, you and your HVAC contractor use information to create a more pro-active plan to predict breakdowns, prevent energy waste, and protect your peace of mind.

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